Stamp-bent parts

Stamp-bent parts are made by in-house units that are state-of-the-art and offer high performance and automated peripherals.

Thus highest demands for quality are met economically and with process reliability.

Technical data

Maximum width:

  • 300mm

Maximum thickness:

  • approx. 3.00 mm (depending on material)

Machine weight:

  • Bruderer: 250 - 500 kN
  • Raster: 250 - 500 kN
  • Haulick: 1.600 kN


  • copper wrought alloys
  • various steels
  • aluminium alloys

other materials available on request


  • Most complex surface coatings are realised for you with the help of experts for galvanisation


  • bulk material
  • magazined
  • placed in partitions
  • coils
  • Tape on reel

Parts spectrum:

  • sample parts
  • prototypes
  • series
  • large series


  • as single machinable contacts, ready-made contact elements or lead frames in all areas of the automotive industry, information technology and household appliances, in processing within hybrid assemblies, for insert molding, ‘stich-in’ – processes, etc. There are almost no restrictions for applications.

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